Positive or Apathy? Pinoy Danced to Tala Amidst Conflicts Overseas

While there are tensions between the United States of America and Iran, comedienne Ethel Booba posted a thought that Filipinos remain “chill” while dancing to “Tala.”

Sarah Geronimo’s 2015 hit single “Tala” regained its popularity 4 years after it was first released, following short videos of its dance performed by netizens and celebrities. Korean girl group bands, Momoland had hopped in the ride too by sharing a cover of the song.

Ethel Booba is known for addressing social issues through tweets and has her own social media manager to help her with her posts on occasions.

The Advantages of Positivity

With all the complications arising among many countries, without disregarding for the ongoing past troubles still at present, it is much easier to worry. However, it is not disrespectful to anyone for having the ability of looking for the bright side of things and being positive, in fact, it promotes to do better things than wasting on self-destructive worries or anger, let alone things on what we can’t even do anything about. It’s not wrong nor emotionless to remove oneself from troubles one cannot control when there are better things to spend your time and energy, such as doing what you think is right and good.

Would there be World War 3?

A million-dollar question of the decade. With all due respect to fellow readers, this is a matter of opinion, but seeing the issues without complicated measures of doubt, it is very not likely that there will be a World War 3.

World war, for one, is defined in Wikipedia as, “a war engaged in by all or most of the principal nations of the world.” This basically means the world war would have to be an international and widespread catastrophe with citizens under lethal risk residing in the involved countries.

Rather, there may be a ‘war’ only exclusive to the involved parties, USA and Iran, specifically. War by definition may also vary: economic, political, or even cyber warfare. It could be either of the following, a mixture, or entirely different. Based on both countries declaring they wish no war to ensue, at it’s worst, the so called ‘war’ among these states would not be direct or apparent military and nuke-the-enemies kind of war.

Why is this so? Both parties had expressed their restraint and non-desire to go to war. Both addressed their more or less mature statements in agreeing to disagree to go to war. While it’s also evident there will be more to come from Iran’s retaliation, it is clear they didn’t want war and didn’t want innocent citizens involved. As for USA, hopefully they’ve made arrangements for mutual agreements to de-escalate the tension between the two, as the US President responsible for in making a start.

Regardless of these statements made, you are your own informed opinions. It is reasonable to worry but also admiring to be optimistic. The most important of all is everyone is properly informed, as nobody is entitled to be ignorant.


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