Netizens blame the Natural Phenomenon as a fault of President Duterte

Instead of providing social remedies that could help the victims of calamities, netizens urge to point a finger towards the President about Taal Volcano eruption that happened recently.

Trending now is the tweet of @josiahvantonio, quoting that, “Taal’s eruption was under Marcos Administration. Parallel another for the Duterte’s administration, will he play the same tricks again? Ghad.”

“It’s been hours since the Taal eruption—still no statement from Duterte and Malacañang. This is an EMERGENCY for the urban poor & the homeless, who have no choice but to spend tonight breathing volcanic ashfall. We need to demand immediate action from the government!” @rosereyde from twitter also gave her point of view regarding the incident.

It is clearly seen on the other hand that there are still netizens who understood and appreciated President Duterte’s effort in collaborating with his official and extend immediate response in providing aid to the victims; discussion now is not about president’s appearance in television for public notice but more about being accountable especially in times of calamities where people, not even the government has the control over the arising natural phenomenon.

Tweet from @MSecretaire states that, “People of the Republic of the Philippines; President Duterte no needs to set up press conference to address the nation with the ongoing magmatic unrest of Taal. The president have sent out his orders through his officials for evacuation and precautionary measures we can utilize.”


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