More Chinese Seems to Bring Greater Security Risk for Pinoys

Following the kidnapping incident of a Chinese woman in 2019, Chinese men allegedly tried to kidnap an 18-year old woman last week..

Last December 2019, there was a kidnapping incident in Makati which got the attention of netizens after seeing a viral video online. The Police Station of said area found out that victim was a Chinese woman abducted by fellow nationals aboard a gray van along Paseo de Roxas corner Nieva St. in Makati City. After thorough investigation, cases are merely considered incline to Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator (POGO) after issuing licenses when President Duterte sat in office.

What urges the president to have the proposals be heard is due to the expected billions of taxes from online gaming and casinos. As a latter result, since 2017, record of gambling-related abduction reached 67 cases. Incident rested to be a cold case after most criminals outrun.

Another abduction incident happened last January 18. While the police are patrolling around Makati, they saw 18-yr old Filipina, trying to defend herself after being forcibly kidnapped by Chinese criminals. Name of the victim is not disclosed publicly for security purposes and according to her statement, six men which includes Chinese nationals allegedly kidnap her while she was waiting for the cab (taxi).

Residents in Makati are now at risk, worried about not going out during night time because of the numerous incidents happened on their area. What made them wonder is the city government’s action in collaborating with the Makati City Police District on how to ensure that Filipinos will not be included in the subject of the alleged Chinese criminals.

Above the high taxes which government can get from casinos and gambling, the local government must also acknowledge that said abduction threatens foreigners, not only Chinese but other nationalities to see the beauty of high buildings and the ambiance of sharing different cultures of the visitors.


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